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Now It’s Time for The Skip Counting by 4 Song!

As we continue to rock and roll on skip counting songs, it only makes sense to “fill in the blanks” in the series by cranking out a song to help kids skip count by 4. So…here you go! We decided to give this one a more laid-back treatment, while also doing our best to select a cadence that would make learning how to count by 4s a piece of cake. Hope you and your kids enjoy this easy, breezy, educational tune!

Next Up: The Skip Counting by 10 Song!

After the funky, hip-hoppish vibe of the Skip Counting by 2 Song along with the more laid back, folksy vibe of the Skip Counting by 5 Song, we thought it would be fun to crank up the tempo a notch and add some pop flair for our latest offering, the Skip Counting by 10 Song. As with practically all of our songs, we tried to “test” the tempo out on our own kids to see if the pace of the song was suitable for skip counting by 10, and it turned out really well. Hope you and your kids enjoy this fun, energetic and educational tune!

While We’re At It…Here’s The Skip Counting by 5 Song!

Well, we’ve been busy here planning and writing songs for our skip counting series, and as our randomness would have it, we decided to go with skip counting by 5 next–go figure. We took a slightly different approach where the music was concerned–tried to go with a folksier vibe on this one using some acoustic guitar sounds. Hope you enjoy it, and please feel free to subscribe and share!

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