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The Elements of a Story Song

This is one of my favorite songs for two main reasons. The first is that I really wanted to do a song on the four elements of a story: PLOT, THEME, CHARACTERS, and SETTING because I couldn’t find a song online for it, and I thought parents would appreciate it and that some kid would find it helpful. I wouldn’t say that this is a particularly difficult subject for kids to learn, but personally, I remember that certain aspects of a story were hard for me to identify when I was a student.


Secondly, this song is one of my favorites because I love the guitar melody that Phillip chose for it. It seems very story-ish to me; as if you are about to sit down with a crazy uncle or a semi-lucid grandfather to hear a tall-tale. Of course I like the silly sounds that appear throughout the song especially the whistle at the end. It just kind of adds to the storytelling of the story song to me in a very Andy Griffith-ish sort of way.

One of my favorite parts is where we all yelled into the mic. That was fun and necessary. I think at that point the teacher in me was taking myself a little too seriously and the artist in Phillip wouldn’t have it, so he suggested that we just all yell and quite surprisingly we felt better about the whole thing.

We have a second part to this song (which will be a completely different song altogether, but will expand on the topic a little bit more) very soon.

We do hope that you enjoy our music. We love making it. We both love to teach, so this is quite a natural path for us.

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