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Now It’s Time for The Skip Counting by 4 Song!

As we continue to rock and roll on skip counting songs, it only makes sense to “fill in the blanks” in the series by cranking out a song to help kids skip count by 4. So…here you go! We decided to give this one a more laid-back treatment, while also doing our best to select a cadence that would make learning how to count by 4s a piece of cake. Hope you and your kids enjoy this easy, breezy, educational tune!

Next in the Lineup – The Skip Counting by 2 Song!

After we released “The Skip Counting by 3 Song”, we pretty much decided to go on a skip counting roll, which resulted in our new song, “The Skip Counting by 2 Song.” Why we decided to start with 3 instead of 2 is anyone’s guess–LOL. I guess that’s just how inspiration will hit you sometimes. At any rate, enjoy the song, and feel free to share!

Look for more skip counting tunes in the near future!

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