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The Life Cycle of a Butterfly Song

The butterfly is one of the most amazing creatures on Earth. We enjoyed writing this song because it gave us an opportunity to learn all over again about the mind-boggling transformation that takes place when a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. We wanted to make the music as laid-back and easy-breezy as possible, because we’re talking about one of the most whimsical creatures on the planet. Hope you enjoy our latest offering–The Life Cycle of a Butterfly!

Now It’s Time for The Skip Counting by 4 Song!

As we continue to rock and roll on skip counting songs, it only makes sense to “fill in the blanks” in the series by cranking out a song to help kids skip count by 4. So…here you go! We decided to give this one a more laid-back treatment, while also doing our best to select a cadence that would make learning how to count by 4s a piece of cake. Hope you and your kids enjoy this easy, breezy, educational tune!

Next Up: The Skip Counting by 10 Song!

After the funky, hip-hoppish vibe of the Skip Counting by 2 Song along with the more laid back, folksy vibe of the Skip Counting by 5 Song, we thought it would be fun to crank up the tempo a notch and add some pop flair for our latest offering, the Skip Counting by 10 Song. As with practically all of our songs, we tried to “test” the tempo out on our own kids to see if the pace of the song was suitable for skip counting by 10, and it turned out really well. Hope you and your kids enjoy this fun, energetic and educational tune!

While We’re At It…Here’s The Skip Counting by 5 Song!

Well, we’ve been busy here planning and writing songs for our skip counting series, and as our randomness would have it, we decided to go with skip counting by 5 next–go figure. We took a slightly different approach where the music was concerned–tried to go with a folksier vibe on this one using some acoustic guitar sounds. Hope you enjoy it, and please feel free to subscribe and share!

Next in the Lineup – The Skip Counting by 2 Song!

After we released “The Skip Counting by 3 Song”, we pretty much decided to go on a skip counting roll, which resulted in our new song, “The Skip Counting by 2 Song.” Why we decided to start with 3 instead of 2 is anyone’s guess–LOL. I guess that’s just how inspiration will hit you sometimes. At any rate, enjoy the song, and feel free to share!

Look for more skip counting tunes in the near future!

The Skip Counting by Three Song

O.k., I know that I keep saying that each song is our most fun song yet, BUT this one really, really was, and you will be able to see that if you listen to the song all the way to the end. The kids got REALLY, REALLY into the creative process on this one, and when Phillip said that he wanted to publish the song with their antics at the end of it; I shivered first, then I relaxed and realized how fun it would be for kids to hear children’s voices being silly at the end of the song. After all, we are SILLY School Songs.

So take a listen, hopefully your children will love it and want to hear it again and again and most hopefully, they will quickly learn to count by threes by listening to this little skip counting ditty.





The Punctuation Song

This song is geared toward 1st grade through 3rd grade. As with all of our songs, you can use them at any grade level necessary to introduce or review a concept.

This song was also one that our girls became heavily involved in with us. Even a portion of the lyrics go to them. Not because we couldn’t think of anything, but I literally live in a house full of artists and at one point, ALL of us were chiming in at the same time about what should be said next. It was so funny and a lot of fun! I am the teacher, they are all artistically inclined in various ways and cannot help themselves but to create. I love it!

We hope you enjoy this “family masterpiece.” My 9 year old asked why I called it a masterpiece. I do so, because we each all had a significant part and in my humblest opinion, once we put all of the pieces together, they fit perfectly. To me, that is a masterpiece.

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The Seven Continents Song is Here!

Alright, after a couple of weeks in the “lab”, we are now ready to present the Seven Continents Song! This song is a fun and easy-to-remember way to memorize the seven continents, along with some cool little trivia facts thrown in for good measure. Hope you enjoy it!


The Elements of a Story Song

This is one of my favorite songs for two main reasons. The first is that I really wanted to do a song on the four elements of a story: PLOT, THEME, CHARACTERS, and SETTING because I couldn’t find a song online for it, and I thought parents would appreciate it and that some kid would find it helpful. I wouldn’t say that this is a particularly difficult subject for kids to learn, but personally, I remember that certain aspects of a story were hard for me to identify when I was a student.


Secondly, this song is one of my favorites because I love the guitar melody that Phillip chose for it. It seems very story-ish to me; as if you are about to sit down with a crazy uncle or a semi-lucid grandfather to hear a tall-tale. Of course I like the silly sounds that appear throughout the song especially the whistle at the end. It just kind of adds to the storytelling of the story song to me in a very Andy Griffith-ish sort of way.

One of my favorite parts is where we all yelled into the mic. That was fun and necessary. I think at that point the teacher in me was taking myself a little too seriously and the artist in Phillip wouldn’t have it, so he suggested that we just all yell and quite surprisingly we felt better about the whole thing.

We have a second part to this song (which will be a completely different song altogether, but will expand on the topic a little bit more) very soon.

We do hope that you enjoy our music. We love making it. We both love to teach, so this is quite a natural path for us.

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Silly School Songs on YouTube

Hello everybody, and welcome to the Silly School Songs blog! We’ve been hard at work on several YouTube projects as of late, and we’ve also been doing some renovations to this website. We’re very excited about the new music we’re going to be putting out in the coming weeks and months. As time allows, we will highlight each video in a separate post, but in the meantime, here’s a YouTube playlist of the videos we’ve made thus far. Hope you enjoy it!

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